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EU's Tusk calls for immediate ceasefire in Syria
Trump Hits 50 Percent Approval
Death toll in twin car bomb attack in Somalia rises to 18
VIDEO: PM Netanyahu Addresses Conference Of Presidents
Washington – Trump Says He Goes To Great Lengths To Hide His Bald Spot

The Shekel

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  • (1)EU's Tusk calls for immediate ceasefire in Syria
    (23 February 2018 | 1:51 pm)

  • (2)Syrian opposition says 32 killed near Damascus
    (23 February 2018 | 12:06 pm)

  • (3)2 blasts, gunfire rock Somalia's capital; 3 said killed
    (23 February 2018 | 11:46 am)

  • (4)France and Germany ask Putin to stop Syria attacks
    (23 February 2018 | 11:43 am)

  • (5)US Embassy in Jerusalem to open in May 2018
    (23 February 2018 | 10:46 am)

    Jerusalem Post Front Page

  • (1)Death toll in twin car bomb attack in Somalia rises to 18

    (23 February 2018 | 1:33 pm)

  • (2)Police: Car bomb, gunfire in Somali capital

    (23 February 2018 | 11:03 am)

  • (3)Palestinians riot in West Bank, Gaza Strip

    (23 February 2018 | 10:08 am)

  • (4)Two killed in Zurich incident, police say situation under control

    (23 February 2018 | 9:47 am)

  • (5)Trump says launching 'largest-ever' set of sanctions against North Korea

    (23 February 2018 | 9:41 am)

  • (6)France, Germany ask Putin's support on Syria

    (23 February 2018 | 9:12 am)

  • (7)EU calls for ceasefire in Syria's eastern Ghouta, urgent aid access

    (23 February 2018 | 8:24 am)

  • (8)Russia, Iran should stop Syrian government violations, Turkey says

    (23 February 2018 | 6:49 am)

  • (9)Security forces arrest three in West Bank overnight raids

    (23 February 2018 | 1:48 am)

  • (10)UN Security Council to vote on Friday to demand Syria truce

    (23 February 2018 | 12:03 am)

  • Globes Financial

  • (1)Four more arrested in Shikun & Binui Kenya bribery affair
    Those detained today include former Shikun & Binui CEO Ofer Kotler.(22 February 2018 | 8:17 pm)

  • (2)Flug slams Israel's poor education, low productivity
    Governor of the Bank of Israel Karnit Flug said inclusive growth was the best way of narrowing gaps in Israeli society.(22 February 2018 | 6:46 pm)

  • (3)Egyptian army Sinai operations disrupt Israeli mobile reception
    Mobile phone customers in Israel are having many calls cut off.(22 February 2018 | 6:20 pm)

  • (4)Tower reports record year but tepid guidance
    The company's revenue rose 5.1% to $358 million in the first quarter.(22 February 2018 | 3:45 pm)

  • (5)Cellcom defies Netflix on refund offer
    Cellcom is offering a NIS 30 credit for purchasing Netflix's content services even though Netflix says only Partner can market its services.(22 February 2018 | 3:17 pm)

  • (6)Israel Chemicals signs Tamar, Leviathan gas deals
    The agreement is a backup in case Energean does not supply gas on the agreed timetable.(22 February 2018 | 2:04 pm)

  • (7)IVC: China minor player in Israeli high-tech
    IVC data found that China makes limited investments in Israel, and mainly for strategic purposes.(22 February 2018 | 12:45 pm)

  • (8)Shekel gains continue
    Even the growing political uncertainty, as the prime minister is beset by police investigations, is not curbing investor appetite for the Israeli currency.(22 February 2018 | 10:57 am)

  • (9)Shekel bounces back strongly
    Prico: Three attempts by the Bank of Israel to push the exchange rate into the NIS 3.55-3.65/$ zone have failed.(22 February 2018 | 10:21 am)

  • (10)Mellanox jumps on raised guidance
    Mellanox now sees revenue of $240-250 million in the first quarter, up from its previous estimate of $222-232 million.(22 February 2018 | 10:04 am)

    Michael Eshdos blowing his Top

  • (1)The silence shouts out loud!
    (11 February 2012 | 1:30 pm)

  • (2)Choke Israel to Death
    (6 July 2011 | 10:54 am)

  • (3)Eat your porridge! Dammit
    (30 May 2011 | 11:21 am)

  • (4)Back to the Ghetto
    (10 April 2011 | 11:47 pm)

  • (5)Crying for Haman
    (16 March 2011 | 1:29 pm)

  • (6)Gadafi Idolizes Israel
    (8 March 2011 | 12:51 am)

  • (7)Judenraus give Judenrein
    (6 March 2010 | 4:23 pm)

  • (8)The Olmert Phenomena
    (15 February 2010 | 2:56 pm)

  • Yeshivah World News

  • (1)Trump Hits 50 Percent Approval
    Trump Hits 50 Percent Approval

    The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Friday shows that 50% of Likely U.S. Voters approve of President Trump’s job performance. Forty-nine percent (49%) disapprove.

    This is the president’s highest job approval rating since mid-June of last year.

    Read more on Yeshiva World News >

    (23 February 2018 | 1:45 pm)

  • (2)VIDEO: PM Netanyahu Addresses Conference Of Presidents
    VIDEO: PM Netanyahu Addresses Conference Of Presidents


    Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on Wednesday evening the eve of 7 Adar, at the Inbal Hotel in Jerusalem, addressed the Conference of Major American Jewish Organizations Mission to Israel.

    Read more on Yeshiva World News >

    (23 February 2018 | 1:30 pm)

  • (3)Photo Essay: Asifah By Hagaon Harav Chaim Kanievsky For ‘Mishnah Meirah’ (Photos by JDN)
    Photo Essay: Asifah By Hagaon Harav Chaim Kanievsky For ‘Mishnah Meirah’ (Photos by JDN)

    Read more on Yeshiva World News >

    (23 February 2018 | 1:15 pm)

  • (4)NRA Accuses Gun-control Advocates Of Exploiting FL Shooting
    NRA Accuses Gun-control Advocates Of Exploiting FL Shooting

    Leaders of the National Rifle Association on Thursday accused gun control advocates of exploiting the deadly Florida school shooting, striking a defiant tone amid a renewed debate over guns and school safety.

    Read more on Yeshiva World News >

    (23 February 2018 | 1:00 pm)

  • (5)A Knock on the Door. “It’s the Rav”
    A Knock on the Door. “It’s the Rav”

    Rav Dovid Chaim Stern shlit”a of Bnei Brak takes chesed to another level. This Purim, he will spend the day hand-delivering matanos l’evyonim to one hundred Israeli families hand-selected for their level of poverty.

    Read more on Yeshiva World News >

    (23 February 2018 | 1:00 pm)

  • (6)Parshas Zachor – A Deeper Look
    Parshas Zachor – A Deeper Look

    (By Rabbi Yair Hoffman for the Five Towns Jewish Times)

    What is it about Parshas Zachor that makes it so unique? What does the Torah want us to do with remembering Amalek to extinguish it’s memory – isn’t it, at first glance, counter-intuitive?

    Read more on Yeshiva World News >

    (23 February 2018 | 12:45 pm)

  • (7)A 15-Year-Old May Lose Partial Vision Due To Purim Fireworks
    A 15-Year-Old May Lose Partial Vision Due To Purim Fireworks

    Every year, as Adar approaches, police, schools and other officials warn of the hazards associated with fireworks, which unfortunately, for many, have become synonymous with Purim.

    A 15-year-old boy from Moshe N’vei Yerek was transported to a hospital by MDA on Wednesday, 6 Adar, after sustaining an eye injury playing with fireworks.

    Read more on Yeshiva World News >

    (23 February 2018 | 12:30 pm)

  • (8)New Jersey Troopers Who Deactivated Explosives Honored
    New Jersey Troopers Who Deactivated Explosives Honored

    Two New Jersey state troopers who successfully deactivated two improvised explosive devices following a terrorist attack have received the 2017 Trooper of the Year awards.

    Detective Sgt. James Abbes and Detective Stephen Christinzio were honored Thursday for their actions after a pipe bomb exploded along a Marine Corps race in Seaside Park in September 2016.

    Read more on Yeshiva World News >

    (23 February 2018 | 12:15 pm)

  • (9)Book Trump? Interest Groups Press Case At His Properties
    Book Trump? Interest Groups Press Case At His Properties

    Payday lenders got regulators to rethink rules on how closely to vet borrowers. E-cigarette makers got a delay in federal oversight of many vaping products. Candy makers praised a decision to hold off on more stringent labeling standards.

    Read more on Yeshiva World News >

    (23 February 2018 | 12:00 pm)

  • (10)Closing Arguments In Ex-Cuomo Aide Trial Could Be Next Week
    Closing Arguments In Ex-Cuomo Aide Trial Could Be Next Week

    Jurors in the bribery trial of a former top aide to Democratic New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (KWOH’-moh) may begin deliberations as early as next week.

    The government rested its case Thursday in federal court in Manhattan against Joseph Percoco and three businessmen.

    Read more on Yeshiva World News >

    (23 February 2018 | 11:45 am)

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    Jewish Humor

  • (1)Jtube: Marty Allen Stand Up: The Palestinian and the Israeli
    Should Israel treat wounded Palestinians terrorists?(16 February 2018 | 7:00 pm)

  • (2)Let it Rain!
    We pray for rain in Israel where nobody owns a coat.(16 February 2018 | 7:00 pm)

  • (3)The Shadchan Stories
    Shadchan stories, facts, foibles, and of course … jokes.(16 February 2018 | 7:00 pm)

  • (4)How to Help Jewish Singles
    I am single, and no I am not looking for a “shidduch”.(9 February 2018 | 7:00 pm)

  • (5)Jtube: Toyota 2018 Big Game Ad: One Team
    What do you think of this ad that aired during the Super Bowl?(9 February 2018 | 7:00 pm)

  • (6)Fundraising Fun
    A how-not-to guide to raise money for your shul.(9 February 2018 | 7:00 pm)

  • (7)JTube: The Five Year Engagement
    Does marriage mean finding someone you are 100% perfect for?(3 February 2018 | 7:00 pm)

  • (8)Oy-Vey Olympics
    How to make the Olympics more Jewish.(2 February 2018 | 7:00 pm)

  • (9)Jewish Flu Remedies
    With flu season upon us, check out these tried (and some not true) Jewish flu remedies.(2 February 2018 | 7:00 pm)

  • (10)Jewkbox: Jewish Musicians who Changed Rock Music
    Six members of the tribe, from Bob Dylan to Joey Ramone.(26 January 2018 | 7:00 pm)

    Torah Perspective

  • (1)Philistines rising again?
    (22 March 2012 | 2:04 am)

  • (2)Out of control
    (13 April 2011 | 3:40 am)

  • (3)Don't Take the Lollipop
    (16 August 2009 | 10:50 am)

  • (4)A Fresh Look at the World
    (30 July 2009 | 10:33 am)

  • Honest Reporting

  • (1)Abbas at UN: Palestinians are Canaanites

    Today’s Top Stories 1. Palestinian President Abbas addressed the UN Security Council, calling for a peace conference to establish a two state solution based on 1967 borders. The media made no mention of the critical context: that when speaking to a Palestinian audience, Abbas frequently says the opposite. For example,  in his speech of January [...]

    Original article can be viewed at Abbas at UN: Palestinians are Canaanites on HonestReporting.

    (22 February 2018 | 10:54 am)

  • (2)Definindo o Viés #2: Desequilíbrio Informativo

    Parte 2 de uma série de 8 partes que explica As 8 Categorias da Mídia Tendenciosa. Violação #2 Desequilíbrio Informativo O jornalismo distorce as notícias através de uma cobertura desproporcional, apresentando apenas um lado da história, ou colocando pontos de vista como situação vigente. Para fins de jornalismo, equilíbrio é definido como: Um estado em [...]

    Original article can be viewed at Definindo o Viés #2: Desequilíbrio Informativo on HonestReporting.

    (21 February 2018 | 7:39 am)

  • (3)IBT Misses Facts to Make a Point

    In the IBT (International Business Times), journalist Vasudevan Sridharan wrote about a widely publicized statement from Israeli PM Netanyahu, at the security conference in Munich earlier this week, in which the PM clarified that Israel would respond to attacks by Iran’s proxies not only against the proxy, but also against Iran itself. Not content to merely [...]

    Original article can be viewed at IBT Misses Facts to Make a Point on HonestReporting.

    (21 February 2018 | 7:08 am)

  • (4)ABC’s Sophie McNeill Selectively Cuts Ahed Tamimi Video

    ABC's Sophie McNeill cuts a significant part of footage of Ahed Tamimi in order to skew it in favor of her anti-Israel bias.

    Original article can be viewed at ABC’s Sophie McNeill Selectively Cuts Ahed Tamimi Video on HonestReporting.

    (20 February 2018 | 9:36 am)

  • (5)Rocket-Fire from Gaza

    Today’s Top Stories 1. In response to sirens heard in southern Israeli communities, and reported rocket-fire, the Israel Air Force struck an underground network of terror tunnels in the Gaza Strip overnight on Sunday. 2. De-escalation in Gaza? In contrast to the above story about rocket-fire, Qatari envoy, Mohammed al-Emadi, told reporters in Gaza City: [...]

    Original article can be viewed at Rocket-Fire from Gaza on HonestReporting.

    (20 February 2018 | 7:07 am)

  • CFR

  • (1)Stop Supporting Palestinian Terror

    Should Congress cut aid to the Palestinian Authority unless it ceases payments to terrorists and their families? In the new issue ofNational Reviewmagazine, Elliott Abramsargues that Congress should pass the Taylor Force Act, cut the aid, and try to force a change in Palestinian political culture.

    (17 April 2017 | 10:56 am)

  • (2)The Hawk Dressed as a Dove

    How did a tough general like Yitzhak Rabin come to offer the Golan Heights to Hafez al-Assad and to make a deal that brought Yasser Arafat back from exile to rule the Palestinian Territories? Elliott Abrams's review of Itamar Rabinovich's new biography of Rabin raises these and other issues.

    (17 March 2017 | 11:15 am)

  • (3)U.S.-Israel Relations

    CFR's James M. Lindsay and Robert Danin examine President Donald J. Trump'spriorities on Israel.

    (17 February 2017 | 5:21 pm)

  • (4)A Big Deal?

    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's visit to Washington demonstrated that the tensions in U.S.-Israeli relations during the Obama administration are over and that the Trump administration intends to pursue a peace process.

    (17 February 2017 | 2:20 pm)

  • (5)Bibi and Donald

    Prime Minister Netanyahu is visiting Washington this week. In The Weekly Standard, Elliott Abrams discusses how he and President Trump will handle Jerusalem, Iran, and the "peace process" when they meet.

    (13 February 2017 | 11:01 am)

    Spectrum of views

  • (1)Three cases of Divine mercy.
    (25 April 2012 | 9:19 am)

  • (2)Survived Axe Attack, Monday April 2
    (3 April 2012 | 10:58 am)

  • (3)Children saved from explosion
    (24 March 2012 | 2:54 pm)

  • (4)Bechasdei Hashem the workers had left.
    (20 March 2012 | 2:10 am)

  • (5)Wedding in Netivot
    (1 February 2011 | 7:50 am)

  • neies

  • (1)Washington – Trump Says He Goes To Great Lengths To Hide His Bald Spot
    Washington – President Donald Trump says he goes to great lengths to hide the bald spot revealed in a recent photo. Speaking before the Conservative Political Action Conference Friday, Trump turned around onstage and smoothed the back of his famous hair. He said, “I try like hell to hide that bald spot, folks.” The crowd [...]
    (23 February 2018 | 1:30 pm)

  • (2)New York – Citigroup To Refund $335 Million Of Credit Card Interest Charges
    New York – Citigroup Inc said on Friday that it had failed to properly reduce interest charges on some 1.75 million credit card accounts since 2011, prompting a $335 million refund to customers later this year. The refund, which will average $190 per account, stems from the bank’s discovery that it had not used a [...]
    (23 February 2018 | 1:00 pm)

  • (3)Parkland, FL – Florida Governor Proposes Tighter Gun Restrictions In Wake Of School Shooting
    Parkland, FL – Florida Governor Rick Scott announced a proposal on Friday to increase restrictions on buying guns and to strengthen school safety measures after a gunman killed 17 people at a high school in the state last week. Scott said he would work with state lawmakers during the next two weeks to raise the [...]
    (23 February 2018 | 12:25 pm)

  • (4)New York – MIT Professor Appointed To NYC Deputy Mayor Position
    New York – New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has named a Massachusetts Institute of Technology professor to serve as his deputy mayor for strategic initiatives. J. Phillip Thompson, who has worked as a political science professor at MIT since 2002, will succeed outgoing Deputy Mayor Richard Buery next month. Thompson first met the [...]
    (23 February 2018 | 12:01 pm)

  • (5)Warsaw – Polish Senator Suspended For Klezmer-themed Video Of Nazi Violence To Jews
    Warsaw – Poland’s ruling party suspended a senator who posted online footage from a Nazi propaganda movie depicting violence against Jews to the sounds of klezmer music. The Law and Justice party suspended Waldemar Bonkowski Thursday over his posting of the video on Facebook earlier this week, amid an acrimonious argument between many Poles and [...]
    (23 February 2018 | 11:25 am)

  • (6)Reykjavik – 500 Icelandic Physicians Back Bill To Outlaw Circumcision
    Reykjavik – Hundreds of physicians in Iceland and some of Belgium’s top doctors came out in support of a bill proposing to criminalize nonmedical circumcision of boys in the Scandinavian island nation. The 500-odd Icelandic physician who backed the bill that was submitted last month to the Icelandic parliament cited the World Medical Association’s Declaration [...]
    (23 February 2018 | 10:52 am)

  • (7)Washington – US Embassy In Jerusalem To Open In May In Celebration Of Israel’s 70th Anniversary
    Washington – Two Trump administration officials say the new U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem will open in May 2018 to coincide with the 70th anniversary of Israel declaring independence. The officials say Congress is being notified of the impending move on Friday. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson signed off on the security plan for the new [...]
    (23 February 2018 | 10:29 am)

  • (8)Beijing – China Prosecuting Tycoon Who Considered Kushner Investment
    Beijing – The founder of one of China’s biggest insurers, who had discussed possibly investing in a Manhattan skyscraper owned by the family of U.S. President Donald Trump’s son-in-law and adviser, will be prosecuted for financial offenses and regulators have taken control of his company, the government announced Friday. Anbang Insurance Group chairman Wu Xiaohui [...]
    (23 February 2018 | 10:22 am)

  • (9)Jerusalem – Israeli Army Says Tear Gas, Not Beating, Killed Palestinian
    Jerusalem – The Israeli military said on Friday that initial findings of an investigation into the death of a man that Palestinians say was severely beaten in custody showed that he may have died from inhaling teargas used to disperse attackers. The Palestinian man died soon after a confrontation on Thursday with the Israeli troops [...]
    (23 February 2018 | 9:58 am)

  • (10)Washington – Trump Criticizes Deputy Who Didn’t Confront Shooter: ‘Did A Poor Job’
    Washington – President Donald Trump says the armed officer who didn’t stop the gunman who carried out last week’s Florida massacre was either a “coward” or “didn’t react properly under pressure.” Trump was departing the White House for the Conservative Political Action Conference when he said: “When it came time to get in there and [...]
    (23 February 2018 | 9:47 am)

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    Israel National News

  • (1)U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem to open in May
    Trump administration officials say opening of embassy in Jerusalem will coincide with Israel’s 70th Independence Day.

    (23 February 2018 | 1:11 pm)

  • (2)Shabbat Shalom from Israel! Updates continue from N. America
    Shabbat about to begin in Israel. Arutz Sheva's North America desk will continue to update the site until Shabbat begins in New York.

    (23 February 2018 | 9:55 am)

  • (3)Zachor: Why do we really need to remember these days?
    Torah Tidbits Audio featuring 7 Adar, Moshe’s birthday and yahrzeit, the absence of his name from T’tzaveh.

    (23 February 2018 | 9:46 am)

  • (4)Israeli government to approve new neighborhood for Elazar town
    Israeli government to vote on bill approving new neighborhood in Gush Etzion and $6,877,920 in compensation for Netiv Ha'avot evacuees.

    (23 February 2018 | 8:18 am)

  • (5)Icelandic physicians back bill to outlaw circumcision
    Five hundred Icelandic physicians back bill to ban non-medical circumcision.

    (23 February 2018 | 7:50 am)

  • (6)Poland suspends senator for posting footage from Nazi propaganda
    Polish senator is suspended for klezmer-themed video of Nazi violence to Jews.

    (23 February 2018 | 7:34 am)

  • (7)Meet the real Rabbi Shlomo Riskin
    The rabbi who founded the city of Efrat is sometimes seen as controversial. Meet the real Rabbi Riskin.

    (23 February 2018 | 7:10 am)

  • (8)Israel issues travel warning for Colombia
    Israel's Foreign Ministry warns several Colombia regions are at risk for crime and terror attacks.

    (23 February 2018 | 6:49 am)

  • (9)ANALYSIS: How Israel is intervening in Syria to contain Iran
    Reports say the IDF has now stepped into the battle for control over the Kuneitra and Daraa area along the Israeli-Syrian border- and more.

    (23 February 2018 | 6:29 am)

  • (10)Netanyahu investigations: A media hijack?
    Naphtali Bensimon of the Likud Party speaks about the latest developments. Can the Israeli Prime Minster survive politically?

    (23 February 2018 | 6:20 am)

  • Nimrod Brown's Twinkles

  • (1)Semipermeable Corridor
    (29 April 2011 | 12:19 am)

  • (2)Coup? This can't happen in Israel
    (12 February 2011 | 3:00 pm)

  • (3)Lie Number?
    (27 February 2010 | 5:42 pm)

  • (4)An Affront to who?
    (18 August 2009 | 12:23 pm)

  • (5)This wont hurt…..
    (28 January 2009 | 5:08 pm)

  • Debka News

  • (1)Hamas said ready for first Palestinian election since 2006
    September 17, 2017, 5:21 PM (IDT)

    The Palestinian terrorist Hamas group, after meeting senior Egyptian officials in Cairo, is offering to dissolve the committee which rules the Gaza Strip and hold a general election for the first time since 2006.Its representatives also say they are willing to hold talks with the rival Fatah to end their decade-long feud, since Hamas seized power in Gaza.


  • (2)A London-bound BA flight evacuated at De Gaulle over “direct threat”
    September 17, 2017, 11:55 AM (IDT)

    ABritish Airways flight heading to Heathrow has been evacuated at De Gaulle airport in Paris Sunday after a passenger made a “direct threat” to the flight. The BA 303 remained on the ground andis surrounded by police and fire crews, with sniffer dogs searching luggage.


  • (3)Second man arrested in London Tube terrorist attack probe
    September 17, 2017, 11:42 AM (IDT)

    A 21-year old man was arrested at Hounslow Saturday in connection with a terrorist bombing on a London Tube train which left 29 commuters injured and was claimed by the Islamic State. The first suspect detained was an 18-year old who was picked up near Dover Port. Assistant Commissioner Mark Rowley said police were "chasing down suspects," indicating suspicion of a possible terror network. Police have interviewed 45 witnesses and are inspecting 77 images and videos sent by members of the public.

    Also Saturday, armed also raided an address in Sudbury south of London in their hunt for the bomb factory used by the Tube bomber. The elderly property owners were decorated by the Queen in 2009 for taking in hundreds of young people including refugees.


  • (4)Pentagon accuses Russian jets of hitting US-backed Syrian fighters
    September 16, 2017, 11:00 PM (IDT)

    The Pentagon and US allies in Syria accused Russian jets of Saturday “impacting a location known to the Russians to contain [US-backed] Syrian Democratic Forces and coalition advisers”east of the Euphrates River in Syria's Deir Ez Zour province.. The Kremlin denied the allegation.

    "Several SDF fighters were wounded," the statementadded. None of the advisers were injured.

    But Russia's military spokesman denied Moscow targeted the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), an alliance of Arab and Kurdish fighters supported by Washington. "This is not possible. Why would we bomb them?" military spokesman Igor Konashenkov said.
    DEBKAfile: The alleged attack took place shortly after Syrian and Hizballah forces crossed the Euphrates with Russian air cover and assistance, in defiance of a coalition warning. See DEBKAfile top story.


  • (5)Netanyahu meets Trump in New York before addressing UN
    September 18, 2017, 8:21 AM (IDT)

    A meeting has been scheduled in New York Monday between Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and US President Donald Trump. It is generally expected to focus on Israel’s bid to amend the 2015 nuclear deal with Iran. In mid-October, Trump is due to certify Iran’s compliance with that deal, which Israel refutes.
    DEBKAfile’s sources say that the tightening Russian-Iranian-Syrian collaboration in Syria, at the expense of the US-led coalition and Israeli security, will figure large in their conversation. The two leaders will also touch on US efforts to revive Israeli-Palestinian peace talks.

    President Trump is due to deliver his first address to the UN General Assembly Tuesday and the next day meet Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas.The Prime Minister, who also addresses the General Assembly Tuesday. has scheduled meetings with Japanese premier Shinzo Abe, Panamanian President Juan Carlos Varela, and Rwanda President Paul Kagame.


  • (6)UK armed police raid address in Sunbury SE of London
    September 16, 2017, 4:59 PM (IDT)

    Armed counter-terror police are engaged in an operation in the town of Sunbury southeast of London in connection with the Tube bombing which injured 29 people Friday. The houses around the targeted address have been evacuated in case of an explosion or gunfire.


  • (7)UK drops terror threat level from critical to severe
    September 17, 2017, 5:34 PM (IDT)

    The British government Sunday restored to “severe” the terror threat level that was raised to “critical,” its highest, Saturday, the day after a terrorist bomb blew up a Tube train drawing into the London station of Parson’s Green injuring 30 people. Also Sunday, anti-terror police raided a second house in Stanwell near Heathrow airport. Since ISIS claimed the attack, DEBKAfile’s counterterrorism sources report that Scotland Yard and MI5 suspect a terrorist network is at work in the country, which struck earlier this month in Manchester and has since gone into action inthe Greater London area. They have deduced that its cells are interconnected Lego-style. The fact that only two suspects have been rounded up since the Friday attack indicates that the investigation is still groping in the dark.


  • (8)British Airways flight left De Gaulle for London after security threat delay
    September 17, 2017, 5:43 PM (IDT)

    British Airways BA 303 took off for Heathrow after it was delayed Sunday by a passenger making a “direct threat.” The BA spokeswoman did not state the nature of the threat. Before the flight left, it was evacuated, surrounded by police and fire crews and the interior thoroughly searched.


  • (9)One of two suspects in Tube bombing named. Both are refugees
    September 18, 2017, 11:07 AM (IDT)

    The 21-year old man arrested Saturday night in Hounslow as s suspect in Friday’s Parson’s Green Tube train terror attack was named as Yahyah Farroukh, a Syrian refugee who worked as a nightclub promoter. The 18-year old detained at Dover port is believed to be an Iraqi orphan who put the bomb on the train. Both are thought to have spent time in the care of Mr and Mrs Jones,aged 88 and 71, of Sundbury, Surrey, who were decorated by the Queen for looking after hundreds of refugees. Their home was subject to an armed raid Saturday and is still being secured by anti-terrorism investigators.


  • (10)Hamas ditches responsibility for Gaza, Egypt cuts Israel out of this process
    September 18, 2017, 9:23 AM (IDT)

    Hamas has disowned responsibility for governing the Gaza Strip as of Monday, Sept. 18. DEBKAfile: This announcement by Hamas, after talks with Egyptian officials, aims at pushing Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas, head of the rival Fatah, into takingover and placingGaza under PA rule, 11 years after the Hamas coup against Fatah.

    As a further incentive, Hamas leaders promised to call off all contacts with Abbas’ arch foe, Muhammad Dahlan, and torefuse the donations he has solicited for the Gaza Strip. It is not clear if Hamas is willing to give up on the United Arab Emirates donations which are funneled through Dahlan.
    It was noted in Jerusalem that the Egyptian government has refrained from briefing Israel on the deals its officials have negotiated with the extremist Palestinian group, as through the future of the Gaza Strip is not its concern.


  • HaAretz Globes Arutz-7 vos Yeshivah Debka Weather MisReporting Columns Relax Twinkles Fuses HONESTY TOP

    CAMERA - Reporting Abuses

  • (1)CAMERA Prompts AP Correction: East Jerusalem Not Palestinian Territory
    CAMERA prompts correction of an AP article which had misidentified eastern Jerusalem as Palestinian territory, stating as fact Mahmoud Abbas' false claim at the United Nations. The AP correction subsequently appeared in multiple other news sites.(21 February 2018 | 6:00 pm)

  • (2)Reuters Corrects on Entebbe Hijacking
    After the plane was diverted, the hijackers targeted Jews and not only Israelis, as Reuters had claimed. CAMERA prompted Reuters to correct its mistake.(21 February 2018 | 6:00 pm)

  • (3)AFP Corrects: Entebbe Hijackers Singled Out Jews
    CAMERA again prompts correction of an AFP article which incorrectly stated that the Entebbe hijackers singled out Israelis, keeping them hostage. In fact, the Palestinian and German terrorists singled out Jews, both Israelis and non-Israelis.

    (20 February 2018 | 6:00 pm)

  • (4)Huffington Post Arabic Removes Hamas Propaganda
    In response to communication from CAMERA and its new Arabic department, the Huffington Post removes clips lifted from Hamas' Shehab News Agency, including a caption which refers to Israel as "the enemy" and "the occupation."(19 February 2018 | 6:00 pm)

  • (5)CAMERA Tells The Washington Jewish Week: The Tamimis Support Terror
    CAMERA tells The Washington Jewish Week about the Tamimis, a terror-supporting clan lauded by anti-Israel groups.(15 February 2018 | 6:00 pm)

  • (6)A Primer on Sut Jhally’s Shameless Propaganda

    In his 2016 film “Occupation of the American Mind,” Sut Jhally, PhD., violated the trust of his audience, his students and his fellow professors at UMass Amherst, where ironically enough, he is a Communications professor.

    (13 February 2018 | 6:00 pm)

  • (7)Times of Israel Corrects: U.S. Didn't Consider Settlements Illegal
    For the second time, CAMERA prompts correction of a Times of Israel story which incorrectly reported that the longstanding American position was that Israeli settlements are illegal under international law.(12 February 2018 | 6:00 pm)

  • (8)UPDATED:The Washington Post Corrects Claim That Israel Used Iranian Drone As ‘Pretext’ For Attack
    A Washington Post caption about Israel's response to an Iranian drone attack unfairly impugns the motives of the IDF(10 February 2018 | 6:00 pm)

  • (9)CAMERA Op-Ed: Obama Gets It Wrong on Israeli 'Settlements'
    In remarks that were uncritically disseminated by several news outlets, former President Obama defended his decision not to veto United Nations Security Council Resolution 2334 on the grounds that settlements were rapidly expanding. Yet, the truth is otherwise, as CAMERA noted in The Daily Caller.(5 February 2018 | 6:00 pm)

  • (10)The Washington Post's Vanishing Act on Palestinian Rejectionism

    David Ignatius, a Washington Post columnist, claims that settlements are eroding the chance for a Palestinian state. But the facts, and The Washington Post itself, have said otherwise.

    (5 February 2018 | 6:00 pm)

  • Rainclouds Rain Clouds on a Wintery Day; All eyes are looking upwards to heaven when will the badly needed rain come.

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