The silence shouts out loud!

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Firing a rocket into Israel is an act of war.
We are barely informed of these daily happenings. Why is the Israeli government ignoring these attacks? Why is no fuss made; unless there is a casualty or, heaven forbid, a fatality?
Why are no protests made at the United Nations of Arab aggression?
Every chicken coop the Jews build in the Shomron is reported by the leftist rights groups as an act of war. But Israel does not peep when deadly missiles are fired at random into its sovereign territory.
Who’s side is the Israeli government on?


Choke Israel to Death

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israel is suffering from attrition.

Israel has been under attack even from before the state was created.

The territorial gains made by Israel were due to the Arabs attacking in direct confrontation, they lost every time because Israel cannot afford to lose a war, each war is an existential threat.

So the Arabs resort to a slow strangling tactic, avoiding direct confrontation but ensuring that Israel has to spend resources on full scale readiness at all times.

The territorial struggle, lost on the battlefield is being won, house by house, village by village by a deliberate and determined attempt to gain every inch possible.

Using this tactic includes using the world media, who are very happy to print anything that sounds anti-Israel.

We now understand why:
• Israelis cannot buy property in PA territory
• Arab towns are expanding throughout Israel
• Jews are attacked by mobs when they enter Arabs towns
• East Jerusalem south of the old city has grown into a large Arab village with the blessing of the Left Wing municipality
• There has been not one concession from the Arabs regarding access to Jewish places of worship, like Joseph’s tomb.
• Every hilltop from Modiin to Jerusalem has a minaret on it.
• Abu Gosh extends to both side of the Tel Aviv – Jerusalem highway.

Each time one of their actions are challenges it becomes an international incident, to the ludicrous extreme that Arabs build villas in East Jerusalem and Israelis have to get permission from the security council of the UN to build an outhouse in Maalei Adumim.


Eat your porridge! Dammit

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Eat your porridge! No ways
But its good for you. I’m just fine
Try one spoonful
Don’t throw it onto the carpet!
Look what you’ve done!
Aren’t you ashamed of yourself!? Heh Heh Heh – what yu gunna do bout it?
If that brat does not get disciplined immediately the parent is in for a hard time.

Israel has a brat neighbor called Egypt that is supposed to police the Philadelphi Route, the narrow southern border of the Gaza strip. Its time to take that strip away from the Egyptians and show them what we gunna do bout it.
They have thrown their porridge defiantly too many times. They frequently had open border days, Israel did nothing. They stopped the agreed-upon gas supply twice, Israel just winced. Now they have removed all restrictions, so that terrorists can freely come and go across the border. OK Israel – Its time to do something drastic to stop the nonsense.


Back to the Ghetto

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The early Zionist leaders typified the traditional Jew as a 'Ghetto Jew'. Ironically, its the ghetto mentality that now prevails amongst the leaders of the state of Israel. Hanker down behind the iron dome, the electronic version of the barbed wire fence.
Be happy if they don't fire at you, just sit still.
In addition, the great supporter, the USA will subsidize the cost of the barbed radar fence. It must do them a world of good to see the Jews again constrained within smaller and smaller boundaries. This represents to them a change, from wanting to expand out of their shackles with 'illegal' settlements.
The One enthroned in heaven laughs; the Lord scoffs at them.(Psalms 2, 4 )
These modern Israeli leaders have become the new Ghetto Jews.


Crying for Haman

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Jews celebrate Purim, remembering the Divine intervention, thwarting the evil plan of Haman to wipe out the Jews. They also rejoice at the reading of the story when Haman is hanged.
No outcry from the liberal camp??
Death penalty lobbyists, where were you??

You would have been with the supporters of Haman, executed on that historic day when the tables turned in the Jews favor.

Ha! that was different, no liberal would have sided with evil against the just Jews, who were loyal and law abiding citizens:roll:

The Jewish leaders at that time, were honest, dedicated to their people. Trusted implicitly by the Jews, because they had no ulterior motives. Their entire being was for the glory of G-d and the good of His chosen nation.

The book of Esther relates that she put her own life in danger to approach the king for the sake of her nation. When the king offered her half his kingdom, the offer was rejected out-of-hand and she pleaded for her people.

Contrast that with the following.

A report in Haaretz on March 8, 2011 claims that Kadima objects to new ethic’s code for members of the Knesset.
Among the 90 clauses protested by Kadima were;
• Fine a Knesset member who violates provisions of the new code.
• Reveal the names of contributors and the amounts they gave for financing MKs' legal and medical expenses.
• dock an MK's wages for up to a month for violating ethics rules.
• Keep MKs who violated the rules from attending the Knesset plenum and committees, and keep them from speaking, for six months - but the MKs would be allowed to vote. Kadima has proposed limiting the maximum banishment to only six days.
• Ban MKs from asking official questions and presenting certain motions for the remainder of a Knesset term.
• MKs would have to notify the Knesset speaker or committee chairpersons when they have a conflict of interest, and would need to request special permission to participate in a discussion or vote in such a case.
• MKs would also be required to use their budgets for maintaining contact with voters only for fulfilling their duties as MKs.
• Another dispute is over the proposed ban on accepting gifts - unless there is a reasonable explanation for the gift.
• MKs would be banned from providing any sponsorship for business related events if they are fully or partially funded by private interests - or to assist in publicizing such events.


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