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Gadafi Idolizes Israel

03/08/11 | by Nim [mail] | Categories: Uncategorized

The wicked retain their wickedness to the last breath.

The Jerusalem Post reports that Gaddafi, in an interview with France 24 television station, said, “Even the Israelis in Gaza, when they moved into the Gaza strip, they moved in with tanks to fight such extremists. It’s the same thing here! We have small armed groups who are fighting us. We did not use force from the outset… Armed units of the Libyan army have had to fight small armed al Qaida bands. That is what’s happened."

This is similar to the wicked Bilam, who fully understood the righteousness of the children of Israel, he even prophesized their conquering of Moab to Balak the king of Moab. Nevertheless he advised Balak on how to cause the Israelites to sin with the daughters of Moab.

Gadafi has been in the forefront of verbal vitriol against Israel and their attacking Gaza. Now, he takes them as an example of moral correctness. The phrase “Even the Israelis” shows that to the World Israel is the paradigm of righteous behaviour, even in warfare.

Nevertheless, he is dishonouring the Israelis albeit inadvertently by comparing them to himself.


Chutzpa used to be a description of a cheeky, mischievous action. When chutzpa is stretched to become stupidly arrogant and detrimental to other, it enters the realm of something outrageous.


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