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Choke Israel to Death

07/06/11 | by Nim [mail] | Categories: Uncategorized

israel is suffering from attrition.

Israel has been under attack even from before the state was created.

The territorial gains made by Israel were due to the Arabs attacking in direct confrontation, they lost every time because Israel cannot afford to lose a war, each war is an existential threat.

So the Arabs resort to a slow strangling tactic, avoiding direct confrontation but ensuring that Israel has to spend resources on full scale readiness at all times.

The territorial struggle, lost on the battlefield is being won, house by house, village by village by a deliberate and determined attempt to gain every inch possible.

Using this tactic includes using the world media, who are very happy to print anything that sounds anti-Israel.

We now understand why:
• Israelis cannot buy property in PA territory
• Arab towns are expanding throughout Israel
• Jews are attacked by mobs when they enter Arabs towns
• East Jerusalem south of the old city has grown into a large Arab village with the blessing of the Left Wing municipality
• There has been not one concession from the Arabs regarding access to Jewish places of worship, like Joseph’s tomb.
• Every hilltop from Modiin to Jerusalem has a minaret on it.
• Abu Gosh extends to both side of the Tel Aviv – Jerusalem highway.

Each time one of their actions are challenges it becomes an international incident, to the ludicrous extreme that Arabs build villas in East Jerusalem and Israelis have to get permission from the security council of the UN to build an outhouse in Maalei Adumim.


Chutzpa used to be a description of a cheeky, mischievous action. When chutzpa is stretched to become stupidly arrogant and detrimental to other, it enters the realm of something outrageous.


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