Gadafi Idolizes Israel

03/08/11 | by Nim [mail] | Categories: Uncategorized

The wicked retain their wickedness to the last breath.

The Jerusalem Post reports that Gaddafi, in an interview with France 24 television station, said, “Even the Israelis in Gaza, when they moved into the Gaza strip, they moved in with tanks to fight such extremists. It’s the same thing here! We have small armed groups who are fighting us. We did not use force from the outset… Armed units of the Libyan army have had to fight small armed al Qaida bands. That is what’s happened."

This is similar to the wicked Bilam, who fully understood the righteousness of the children of Israel, he even prophesized their conquering of Moab to Balak the king of Moab. Nevertheless he advised Balak on how to cause the Israelites to sin with the daughters of Moab.

Gadafi has been in the forefront of verbal vitriol against Israel and their attacking Gaza. Now, he takes them as an example of moral correctness. The phrase “Even the Israelis” shows that to the World Israel is the paradigm of righteous behaviour, even in warfare.

Nevertheless, he is dishonouring the Israelis albeit inadvertently by comparing them to himself.


Judenraus give Judenrein

03/06/10 | by Nim [mail] | Categories: Uncategorized

Jews out results in Jew-free.
History repeats itself. The German solution of the "Jewish problem" was the Holocaust. The Europeans are carrying on in the same vein.
A report in INN states "Over a thousand activists from various local organizations funded by the European Union held a demonstration in Jerusalem’s Nahlat Shimon (Sheikh Jarrah) neighborhood Saturday night against the presence of Jewish residents in the area. The EU supports the division of Jerusalem and advocates that all ethnic Jews be expelled from territories liberated by Israel in the 1967 Six-Day War."
Why don't they request that all Arabs in pre-1967 Israel territories leave.
Why is is so taken for granted that any area under Arab rulership has no Jews living in it.
Are the Jews such terrible citizens? Do they carry knives to stab innocents in the back?
Are they suspect suicide bombers?
Does their religion espouse the ellimination of all non-believers?
These organizations funded by the EU are the continuation of the Nazi Party.


The Olmert Phenomena

02/15/10 | by Nosson Halevi [mail] | Categories: Uncategorized

A past elected leader of the Jewish state publicly recounts that; during his term of office, he was willing to surrender Jerusalem’s Holy Places, including the Temple Mount, to international control in order to reach an agreement with the PA.
This shows a complete detachment from any Jewish sentiment, expressed by a person elected by the Jewish population of Israel. Polls have shown that the majority of Jews would reject a peace deal that would hand over the Temple Mount to the PA.
The politicians ignore the public. They have their own agenda, whether in the interests of Israel or not. Their own political careers take preference to national interests.
The problem lies in the electoral system. Once elected the government has no need to take the electorate into account. There is no accountability and unfortunately we see no responsibility either.
That a Netanyahu can appoint a Barak as defense minister, when Barak was rejected by the electorate as its major anathema, is outrageous.
A system of checks on the behavior of the politicians must be introduced. These checks must not be the ones imposed by the high court, who have their own agenda, but by the electorate who placed the prime minister in control in the first place.
I am not making a proposal for any specific system, there are many out there in the community of nations, but the one in Israel is highly flawed.


Who's afraid of Kahana

11/15/09 | by Nim [mail] | Categories: Uncategorized

Do you really think the USA cares a dime whether Israel commemorates the memory of Kahana or not?
The only ones scared of Kahana is the incumbent government who know that most Israelis sympathize with pro Kahana sentiments. They are scared that the right wing will flare up and upset their gravy train. To this end they go to extraordinary lengths to lock up anyone demonstrating such sympathies. They have spent billions in press action to vilify the pro Kahana camp.
Their latest shtick is to get the USA government to disapprove the memorial, and thus have a reason to justify their cancelling of the event.
What did Netanyahu give for that favour? Our next years water supply?


Braino to Go

10/25/09 | by Nim [mail] | Categories: Uncategorized

( PM Netanyahu addressed the Jewish Agency convention on Sunday, calling for "the best Jewish minds to come to Israel for the benefit of mankind."

Sure Bibi, You want to reverse the brain drain.
You want to lure in a new batch of dedicated professionals that you can overtax.
I know a doctor who came to Israel, he had to work unreasonable long hours and at the end of the month there was not enough income to cover his living expenses.
I heard similar stories from other professional, doctors, actuaries, dentists and engineers.
The cost of living is artificially kept high. Why must a 4 year old car cost 4 times what a brand new one costs in the USA or the UK.
Why must we pay more per liter of gas than the Americans pay per gallon?
Solve these problems Bibi and you will reverse the brain drain automatically. Nobody with brains would stay in a country where his own government rips him off.


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