Limitation of Tolerance

09/11/09 | by Michael Eshdos [mail] | Categories: Uncategorized

Freedom of choice is a gift given to all humanity. Yet, some wish to impose their will on others and deprive them of their gift.
The Western World has enshrined this freedom into their constitutions.
Further, other freedoms are sacrosanct to the Western Civilization, such as freedom of speech.
There is a logical limit to the amount of freedom that can be allowed to a member of a society; when that person's actions restrict or threaten the freedom of others.
If a group takes advantage of the largesse of the society to curtail the freedom and liberty of others, they have crossed a barrier. Either they must change their ways or be forced to leave the society.


Shame on your sham

09/04/09 | by Michael Eshdos [mail] | Categories: Uncategorized

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez blasted Israel Thursday as a "genocidal" and "killer" state. Then made demands that Israel give back the Golan to Syria. Reminds of the story;
During the cold war the American told the Russian about freedom in the USA. I can stand on the steps of the Capitol in Washington and proclain "Bush is an idiot". The Russian replied, so what, I can stand on the steps of the Kremlin and also proclaim "Bush is an idiot".
If Chavez had made his statement where he could have been challenged, it may have been a proclamation of importance. But to say it while being hosted in Syria only shows that he wants to get paid for his brave statement.
It is so cheap to bash Israel, the historic whipping boy.


Q: guilty or not? A: Yes!

08/26/09 | by Michael Eshdos [mail] | Categories: Uncategorized

What a clumsy performance. Netanyahu says Jerusalem is Israel’s undivided capital and his intelligence agencies minister Dan Meridor says Jerusalem is negotiable. Is Israel showing strength, weakness or just plain stupidity.
I find it hard to believe that Meridor would fire off a comment like that without the authority to do so from the Prime Minister.
It just shows that Israel has a weak bunch of leaders who rule by popularity polls. Whichever utterance will raise the polls , that the one to say.
Whatever happened to integrity, patriotism and statesmanship?


The WAC whacks Israel Antiquities Authority: A deserved snub.

08/13/09 | by Michael Eshdos [mail] | Categories: Uncategorized

The Israel Antiquities Authority was not invited to a meeting of the World Archeology Congress in, of all places, Ramallah.
Any world anything taking place in Ramallah is anti Israel. In this case, the Arab convenors know, better than anyone, that the IAA is a bogus organisation. Why else would they have stood by while tons of priceless archeological history were being removed from the Temple Mount to be dumped in the Kidron Valley.
They deserve their snub.


Thank you Hilary & Obama

08/04/09 | by Nosson Halevi [mail] | Categories: Uncategorized

Once again you have demonstrated that Jews are the chosen nation. Not that we need you to tell us, G-d Himself told us so.
Why else would a municipal zoning infringement in Jerusalem attract the attention of the president of the USA.
The ironic part of the story is that not even the liberal court could find a reason to deny the Jewish ownership. The decision was the result of a long legal battle which the Arabs lost. The land is legally in Jewish ownership. The courts, usually pro-Arab, ruled that in this case they not only had no claim on the properties, but that they had presented forged documents to the court
So when justice fails, use dirty tactics. Denounce Israel in the world forums. Hilary, you can’t bluff us. We still remember your loving embrace of Mrs Arafat. You have not changed your feathers. It was to avoid having you in charge that many Americans voted Obama. Why did he have to foist you on us again!
Mr President. We acknowledge the honour you bestow on our miniscule nation. That your attention is focused on our holy land when you have major problems that should occupy your attention.
Yes indeed. The G-d of history has again made our numerically small nation the focus of the whole world.


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