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A Schism in my Ism

12/25/08 | by Nosson Halevi [mail] | Categories: Uncategorized

One by one the ISMs , the icons of western civilization are being knocked off their pedestals of repute. They are being shown up as shallow ideals, neither inspiring nor worthy of a following.
Nationalism, the rallying call to arms to defend your nation, country or culture has become outlawed in the current wave of globalization, as the UN tries to avoid conflicts and wars. Land acquisition by military conquest is no longer acceptable and is even unthinkable.
Zionism, the fulfilling of the dream of a Jewish return to the land of their ancestors, has been choked to death. The death throes projected into world focus at the hands of leftist governments as they evict fellow Jews from established homes and settlements in a manner reminiscent of the pogroms.
Humanitarianism, the self righteous idol of the left, masquerading as a higher level of morality, has shown itself a tool to political maneuverings. It has shown itself heavily biased against religious Jews and pro Arab.
Materialism, the reliance on wealth and power is the most recent victim of the anti-ISM trend. We are witnessing the demise of all the idols of the west and soon realize that there is only ONE to rely on.


Living in Israel can be fun, but you need a great sense of humour and infinite patience


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