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Dizzy Hypnotherapy

01/05/09 | by Nosson Halevi [mail] | Categories: Uncategorized

USA Secretaries-of-State are hyper-proficient in the use of hypnosis in dealing with physical pain or psychological problems.
The “Albright • Powell • Rice” hat trick has dominated the minds of successive political leaders of the State of Israel to pursue a self destructing course.
Successive governments become desensitized to the pain of their citizens in following some nebulous roadmap to peaceful co-existence with Palestinians.
We gave them autonomy in Gaza, in a most painful extrication, and all the could do with it is vote in Hamas by a large majority. The more you give the more they demand.
Sure, it sounded great at Oslo, but this road map was constructed like a highway bypassing the cities so as to have a fast rout to nowhere. There are no on-off ramps for those wanting to use the highway.
Before Israel made any surrender in land, control or security it should have demanded some reciprocity in the form of change in attitude. The PA could have committed to a program of advertising to their population the need and benefits of coexistence with Israel.
Instead we have witnessed the progressive and systematic education of their people to blind hatred towards Israel. The non-ending sewage flow of anti-Israeli and anti-Jewish propaganda is a Red Alert signal that can only be ignored at our own peril.
Before we make anymore ‘gestures of goodwill’ such as releasing the criminals in our jails, removing roadblocks placed there for our safety, not to mention handing over our holiest sites to the care of these avowed haters of Judaism, we must insist in a change of tone. Yes Israel can have preconditions too. We demand a new vocal pitch towards this benevolent David battling with a malicious Goliath. Let your muezzins preach humanitarianism. The weapon they so cynically use against us in the world media.
Some official recognition for all we have done for the benefit of these ingrates.
We don’t stone them when they enter our town, we allow them food and medical supplies even as they are targeting their lethal rockets at our children.
We allow them into our hospitals and universities.
Our teaching of co-existence curriculum has been so effective that we have an entire portion of the country actually believing it is a viable approach.
If you find a nest of roaches in your sewer system, you don’t negotiate with them, you don’t offer them co-existence and you certainly don’t expect gratitude from them if you don’t exterminate them. The PA have shown themselves deserving of the same approach.


Living in Israel can be fun, but you need a great sense of humour and infinite patience


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