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What Molten Lead achieved.

01/18/09 | by Nosson Halevi [mail] | Categories: Uncategorized

There were two aims; to destroy Hamas, and to put an end to rocket fire against Israel.

What was achieved?

Israel has shown it has a great army with the courage to be human while engaged against animals. This was not one of the aims of the battle, and the international media (funded by Muslim fundamentalists) have managed to get out a stronger message that incited anti-semitic mobs to pogroms all over the world.

We have not gotten the message. Not only the political leaders of Israel, each and every one of us. We are in exile, even though we physically have a large contingent in the holy land. We rely on the IDF and carry on life as usual.

Wake Up! Hear Israel! Hashem is available always. Beseech him. Why did the Jews in Egypt have to gather their own straw and get heavily afflicted? So that they would cry out to Hashem from their labour. That was what Hashem was waiting for, that they ask HIM to help. There is no one else we can turn to , but why bother to turn to anyone else! HE is available now and to everyone.


Living in Israel can be fun, but you need a great sense of humour and infinite patience


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