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Lie Number?

02/27/10 | by Nim [mail] | Categories: Uncategorized

One of the oldest jokes is the group of Jews who knew all the jokes. To save time they numbered them and when someone wanted to tell a joke, he only had to call out the number and everyone would laugh.
Except Shmulick, he would call out a number and nobody would laugh. He asked Yankel, why don't they laugh at my jokes? Yankel replied "its the way you tell them".
I suggest we start to number the lies that are repeated ad nauseam about the Jews and the State of Israel.
You are invited to add to the list which I am starting now.

1. Israel is the Aggressor
2. Israel Targets Civilians
3. Israel is the cause of the Palestinian Refugee camps
4. Jews have no Historic Ties to the Land of Israel
5. The Holocaust Is a Jewish Fabrication


Living in Israel can be fun, but you need a great sense of humour and infinite patience


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