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Coup? This can't happen in Israel

02/12/11 | by Nim [mail] | Categories: Uncategorized

While dictators can be overthrown. An elected government does not need to be overthrown. The democratic process takes care of dictatorial attempts to run the country.
FALSE! The elected candidates are chosen from a preset list. The central committee of each party sets up the list. Only members of the party could have a say in the drawing up of the lists. Most people are too busy making ends meet to join the party years before the next election. So when the election draws near, the ‘party’ publishes a list, which very few have a say in compiling.
It seems to me that whatever party one chooses, the top candidates, who would be in the running for prime minister, all come from a similar stable. An elitist left winger who was planted on the list by the money wielding power groups in Israel.
That is how the choice in the last elections was; which is the least bad of the candidates.
Now each party has a list of principles, we the electorate can reasonably expect the new prime minister to follow. That we see is just a pipe dream of the democracy purists. The prime minister does whatever he likes with no recourse to the party. He is responsible to the Knesset. How do you keep the Knesset happy, you give away as many ‘posts’ as possible that any one now receiving the perks will not want the government to topple.
This is demonstrated once a week when the opposition parties introduce a no-confidence motion in the government. If the no-confidence motion is accepted, new elections could ensue. Now if they really want to overthrow the government on a matter of principle (no-confidence) they would vote with their fellow opposition partners against the government and oust it.
So we have on the same day two no-confidence motions narrowky defeated, had the parties joined forces, they could have overthrown the government. But that would result in losing their prestigious position.
SO… a coup can’t happen in Israel as the leaders of the people are too cushy in their positions and unless the party system gets revised, that’s what we will have.


Living in Israel can be fun, but you need a great sense of humour and infinite patience


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