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Semipermeable Corridor

04/29/11 | by Nim [mail] | Categories: Uncategorized

Knesset wake up! The world around is changing and you continue blundering around in your heavily used cocoon, using every occurrence to bolster your selfish political careers.
Egypt’s new rulers have made the Philadelphia Corridor irrelevant. By opening the border from Egypt to Gaza permanently, the embargo of Gaza ends. This is a threat to Israel’s security and as such a break in the peace accorded by Camp David.
So what do we do now? Take back the Sinai peninsular, as having it in Egyptian hands is dangerous. Now open the Gaza border permanently but impose a semi permeable border control. Gaza Arabs are free to cross the border, but in a Southern direction only.
Israel’s defense force will control Sinai and so the pressure is off the Philadelphia Corridor and moved to the Suez Canal.
Israel will then also control passage of ships through the canal. Ehud Barak is appointed governor of Sinai on condition he stays there permanently. Transfer all terrorist prisoners to a new prison there. The only television they can see will be speeches from the Governor.


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